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Mountain Mamas

Mountain Mamas

( https://store.mountainmamascafe.com/ )

Duration – From 04/08/2023 – 04/12/2023

About the ClienT

The inspiration for Mountain mamas Came from Kimberly Howell’s upbringing as the daughter of a dairy farmer combined with 20 years of living in West Yellowstone, Montana.   

She dreamed of offering her unique local meats and locally raised fruits and vegetables to create a one-of-a-kind dish that everyone could afford and experience. Wild game meats are some of the healthiest, naturally sourced organic and nutrient dense meats available on their planet. She believes in supporting their local farmers and work hard to showcase their fresh fruits and vegetables in all of their recipes!

Optimizing And Fixing the backend Of their website. Raised the Core Web vital score from 40 to 70+  Create increasing traffic for their website which grew at 700+% 100+ keywords on the first and second page of google along with 46 on the first page and 60 on the second page.

Client’s Feedback
“The digital marketing agency exceeded our expectations with their innovative strategies and precise execution. Their expertise significantly boosted our online presence and engagement.”



Duration – Past Five Months

About the Client 
Founder, Francesca Kuglen, invented and patented HairZing (our comfortable, stretchable hair accessories) because nothing existed to hold her baby thin fine hair without damaging it. Quickly expanding into accessories specifically designed for thick, curly, coily natural hair, we have never looked back.

“When our client approached us, she was grappling with frustration and disappointment. Her business had taken a downturn, and her once-vibrant keywords were languishing in obscurity. The initial atmosphere was bleak, and the challenges seemed insurmountable. Despite having previously tried with the best in the business, success remained elusive. However, that very day marked the beginning of a transformative journey. With our strategic approach and unwavering dedication, we embraced the challenge and turned the tide, resurrecting her business and rekindling hope for a brighter, more prosperous future.”

“From frustration to triumph, our client’s journey with us has been transformative. Initially grappling with business challenges and struggling to secure a prominent ranking, she found solace in our tailored solutions. Today, her keywords proudly adorn the top pages of Google, a testament to our commitment. Our partnership has evolved into a robust and healthy business relationship, as she continues to thrive, and we remain steadfast in delivering the results she truly needs.”
Growth and Success –





Duration: Past 5months

About the Client: Mark Fiacable leads a groundbreaking arms business, specializing in diverse firearms. His expertise navigates the complexities of gun licensing, ensuring responsible use for personal and professional purposes, including shooting ranges. Mark’s innovative approach and attention to licensing details set him apart, reshaping the industry through a steadfast commitment to safety and accessibility.


Targeted Keywords: Strategically used keywords related to firearms, licensing, and shooting ranges to improve search visibility.

Optimized Content:Created engaging and informative content about firearms, safety measures, and industry updates

Technical Improvements:Enhanced site speed, fixed issues, and ensured mobile responsiveness for a better user experience.

Local and Compliance Focus: Prioritized local search optimization and compliance with firearms regulations for credibility and legality..

Traffic Growth:Create increasing traffic for their website which grew at 700+%



Duration – 5 months

About the client: Brenda McLean, a seasoned Realtor with 20 years in Georgia, specializing in Commercial Real Estate, combines military and IT management experience. As a vital member of AARE, Brenda’s mission is to guide clients through transactions, emphasizing client satisfaction and repeat business. The team’s vision includes syndication for enhanced returns, and their objective focuses on understanding clients’ goals beyond monetary gains. With a comprehensive skill set, Brenda and her AARE team excel in Sales, Leasing, Syndication, and Property Management, ensuring tailored services for client happiness and referrals.

Solutions: On-page Optimization, Technical SEO and Analytics Setup, SociaMedia Optimization (SMO) Activities, Off-page Optimization, Increasing traffic, Increase in impresssions by 37%.


SEO Case Study for Houston Mini Storage

SEO Case Study for Houston Mini Storage

About us:

Welcome to Houston Mini Storage, your premier choice for reliable and convenient storage solutions in the Houston, Cypress, Katy, and Spring Branch areas. With multiple storage facilities strategically located, including our renowned Fairfield Mini Storage in Cypress, we have been serving our community since our founding year in 1975. At Houston Mini Storage, we understand the importance of easy access to your storage unit. That’s why we provide access seven days a week, eliminating the need for appointments or phone calls. Your convenience is our priority, and our team is always ready to assist with any questions you may have about access hours. We take pride in offering great value, exceptional customer service, and a host of features designed to make your storage experience seamless. Trust us with your most valuable belongings, and let us be your preferred storage solution every step of the way. Our Storage Experts are just a call away, ready to showcase why our customers consistently choose and enjoy our facilities. Experience hassle-free storage with Houston Mini Storage by reserving your spot, renting a unit, or making payments online quickly and securely. We believe in providing flexible leasing terms with no deposit required, ensuring that your storage needs are met on your terms. Our climate-controlled self-storage facility in Cypress, Texas, near Fairfield, is equipped with state-of theart features, including video surveillance and drive-up access. This ensures the safety and accessibility of your belongings whenever you need them. Fairfield Mini Storage, located on Scheil Road, just a short 10 minute drive from downtown Cypress, TX, is your ideal self-storage destination. Whether you reside in Cypress, Rose Hill, Hockey, Tomball, or surrounding areas, our facility is strategically positioned for your convenience. Close to Fyco Tool & Die and Fairfield Dance Center, we provide a secure and easily accessible space to store your most prized possessions.Choose Houston Mini Storage for a storage experience that combines reliability, convenience, and outstanding customer service. Start storing with us today, and discover why our customers trust us with their storage needs.

Our work:

At Houston Mini Storage, our commitment tproviding top-notch storage solutions extends beyond physical facilities – it also encompasses our digital presence. Through diligent SEO efforts, we have achieved significant milestones that reflect our dedication to online visibility and accessibility.
1. Impressive Keyword Rankings (December 2023):

Our meticulous SEO strategies have propelled Houston Mini Storage’s keywords to prominent positions on search engine results pages. As of December 2023:- 18 keywords proudly hold a spot on the 1st page, maximizing visibility and click-through potential.-2 keywords have secured positions on the 2nd page, signaling a continuous climb in search engine rankings. – 5 keywords are positioned on the 3rd page, showcasing steady progress in expanding our online reach.
2. Remarkable Organic Search Growth (186%):

We are thrilled to report a remarkable 186% increase in organic search traffic. This significant surge is a testament to the effectiveness of our SEO efforts in enhancing Houston Mini Storage’s online presence and attracting a broader audience.
3. Robust Backlink Portfolio (279 Total):

Backlinks are crucial in building domain authority and boosting search engine rankings. Our SEO initiatives have resulted in a robust backlink portfolio, with a total of 279 high-quality backlinks This extensive network . of links contributes to the overall strength and credibility of Houston Mini Storage’s online domain.
4. Diverse Range of Top Keywords (479):

Our focus on optimization has led to the identification and targeting of 479 top keywords in organic search. This diverse range ensures that Houston Mini Storage is positioned to attract a broad spectrum of potential customers actively searching for storage solutions.
5. Comprehensive Website Optimization:

Beyond keyword optimization, we have conducted thorough off-site optimizations to enhance the overall performance and visibility of the Houston Mini Storage website. From technical SEO improvements to content enhancements, our efforts are geared towards providing users with a seamless and informative online experience. At Houston Mini Storage, our SEO journey is an ongoing commitment to excellence in digital visibility. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of online search, our goal remains clear – to ensure that individuals seeking storage solutions in our areas of operation find Houston Mini Storage at the forefront of their search results.


Houston Mini Storage has achieved substantial SEO success, evident in the December 2023 keyword rankings. An impressive 18 keywords now claim the top spot on the first page, showcasing our proficiency in optimizing for search engines. Two keywords are solidly on the second page, and five keywords are holding their ground on the third page. Our commitment to organic search growth has resulted in a remarkable 186% increase, demonstrating our effectiveness in optimizing website content and structure. This boost in visibility signifies a comprehensive strategy tailored to user intent and search algorithms. The strategic pursuit of backlinks has paid off, with a total of 279 backlinks contributing to heightened authority and credibility. These efforts reflect our dedication to ethical link-building practices, fostering a robust online presence. Beyond on-site optimization, our off-site initiatives have extended to various digital touchpoints, including local business listings and social media. This holistic approach ensures that Houston Mini Storage not only appears in searches but also stands out as a reliable choice for users seeking storage solutions. With 479 top keywords dominating organic search results, Houston Mini Storage continues to solidify its position as an industry authority. Our ongoing optimization efforts and data-driven strategy reinforce the brand’s digital presence, ensuring sustained success in the competitive online landscape.

Client Feedback for Houston Mini Storage’s SEO Success:
“We couldn’t be happier with the exceptional SEO work done by the team at k2rankingstech. Their dedication and expertise have catapulted our keywords to prime positions, driving a remarkable 186% increase in organic search traffic. The robust backlink portfolio and comprehensive website optimizations have truly set us apart. We’re confident that our enhanced online visibility will continue to attract customers actively seeking storage solutions. Kudos to the team for their outstanding efforts!”